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Professional Fitness Training Services in Houston, TX

Professional fitness training in Houston, TX

The professionals at Acceleration Training Concepts specialize in providing fitness training. We have tailor-made training programs for each of our customers that focus at your overall improvement and injury reduction. Get in touch with us at 713-333-7733 to find out about our training services.

Slide board training focuses on lateral movement and training. It promotes conditioning for sports that require lateral movement.

TRX suspension training is not only easy, but is also one of the most functional piece of equipment for overall strength training.

Keiser Functional Trainer allows exercise at any speed without loading shock to the muscles, tissues or joints as compared to when using cable stacks. Using this piece of equipment allows safe exercise as air resistance is unaffected.

Rope Training enables generation of power as well as velocity without using momentum. It is a very effective training tool.

With an existence period of over 100 years in Russia, kettlebells are used to improve overall body strength, core strength, joint mobility, muscular flexibility, and also used for cardiovascular

interval training.

Power plate training is used to improve overall fitness levels, and to improve sports performance for enthusiasts who are always looking for better ways to train their bodies and gain a competitive edge.

All our new clients undergo an initial evaluation that includes a medical component. Medical evaluations are done to help our clients focus on areas that require improvement.

Functional Movement Screen is used to identify imbalances in mobility and stability. It also helps to improve the fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises.

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