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Acceleration Training Concepts is a Power Plate Authorized Training Center.

Acceleration Training Concepts is dedicated to the education of clients, trainers and health care professionals.


That education encompasses the benefits of vibration technology and all aspects of physical training.


Those aspects include exercise protocols, therapeutic philosophy, nutrition, medical issues, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and sports specific programs. The facility holds periodic classes for the public to address these issues.

In addition, Acceleration Training Concepts is a center of excellence for Power Plate North America and offers certification courses to professional trainers, health care professionals, physical therapists, and even clients who wish to learn more about vibration training.


These courses are 8-hour sessions and include didactic lectures with a PowerPoint presentation combined with a practical "hands-on" lab to teach the essentials of the technology and its application as a training tool. There are three levels of certification, from basic to advanced. These courses are obviously different in their scope and are taught on different dates. These courses must be scheduled through Power Plate North America.


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Our organization is people-oriented, and we cater to the motivated individual. Our goal is to provide courteous, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and accountable service to our clients. Call us today at 713-333-7733 for more information.

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